Frequently Asked Questions

When are club tryouts?
Tryouts are unique, we host tryouts at the beginning of July. Tryouts are also held after the school season officially ends for all teams. There are special situations for early evaluations; however, we can not place early evaluations until the day of their age group tryouts. We ONLY contact early tryout players that made a club team.

How are tryouts evaluated?
We treat every tryout as a new beginning. We keep an open mind to new players and returning players, as we are always trying to reevaluate age groups to be better and more competitive.  
We evaluate positions by skill sets, coachability, attitude, effort, and performance in a game like setting. We have coaches in the age groups, as well as directors, evaluating the players to so teams can be formed that day. 
Teams are announced at the end of the tryout and that is when paperwork, deposits, and gear try ons are conducted. 

When is club season?
Club season officially begins in mid-November or after school seasons end for high school age players. We usually take the week before Thanksgiving to have 1 initial team practice and take the following week off for the holiday and start official practices the week after Thanksgiving. 

What goes on between club tryouts and November?
Players typically shift their focus towards their school seasons during this time. We offer training lessons & camp opportunities. 

 How much does it cost to play?
Club dues range, depending on Age and Level of Play. The total season fee range from $2200-$3500.

How do we sign up for tryouts?
There will be a Tryout registration form for players to register. There is a fee of $60 to tryout with us and it is non-refundable. You will receive an invoice by email to pay the tryout fee. Once your player is registered with us, we will keep an up to date database to communicate with you on important information as we get closer to the season. 

How difficult is it to make a team if you’re new to club team? 
We keep an open mind to anyone wanting to tryout with us.  We believe that anyone has a shot at the team they want to make, as long as they’re present at our tryouts. Please keep in mind that this is a competitive time for all players and nothing can be promised (and won’t be promised!) We want ALL players to attend tryouts and earn their spot on a team. 
This is about finding the right fit for the players and families!