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Our mission is to provide young athletes the opportunity and support to reach their maximum potential in the classroom, on the court, and in the community. It is our goal to provide a highly competitive environment athletically and an environment that encourages leadership, self-confidence, teamwork, and discipline.  It is our belief that sports used as a tool, can provide lessons and opportunities that can positively impact the lives of those who participate.

Our Core Values

Our Objectives

Our team objectives include: 

  • Enhancing each players individual skill level
  • Increasing each players understanding of the game and overall sport IQ
  • Developing leadership skills, confidence, work ethic and teamwork
  • Competing with dignity at the highest level possible while always striving for excellence
  • Encouraging each player to maintain high academic and moral standards
  • Expanding each players Love for the Game
  • Heartening each players community awareness
  • Creating unforgettable memories and lifetime friendships as we  help each other attain our academic and athletic goals and ultimately preparing each player to be key contributors on their high school varsity teams and compete for D1 College scholarship

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