The History

BDA Basketball has been in existence since 2016. Led by the direction of President Carey Rigsby, our program has come to be known as one of the top youth basketball organizations in the Houston area. BDA is an organization that has not only taught and trained hundreds of kids over the years, but we have also been blessed to see a lot of kids from our program go on to play college basketball on full scholarships. We are proud to be a program that not only teaches student athletes how to Learn, Live, and Love the game, but also teaches our student athletes that education is most important. Basketball is a vehicle that will enable our student athletes to reach their goals off the court as well.

The BDA Philosophy

It is crucial that our players succeed not only on the basketball court but in the classroom, at their jobs and at home. Basketball is only one aspect of life and our players are encouraged to put in an equal effort in all areas to achieve ultimate success. We are heavily involved in our player’s lives and want them to succeed in whatever path they choose. We believe that all players should be given an equal opportunity to play Club Basketball and do whatever possible to ensure this happens. Keeping our fees as low as possible and reaching out to corporate sponsors to help subsidize costs has allowed us to open our doors to players from all walks of life. On the court we try and build a well-rounded basketball player, stressing fundamentals, a positive attitude, doing the ‘little things’ right and playing within your means. We are very realistic and honest with our players and will always provide constructive criticism when needed.

We understand that playing post-secondary basketball is not the goal of all our players and so we focus on every youth’s individual needs, whether they are to play at the next level or not. We at BDA love the game of basketball and everything it has done for us so we are driven to help share this same passion and love with all our players; regardless of abilities. It is our goal that all players will improve their skills and knowledge of the game regardless of age or background; and if this occurs, we have achieved our ultimate goal.

More than an Athlete

The BDA Program focuses on not only skill development at the team and individual level but also on transferring skills learned on the court to the outside world. Coaches are not only former collegiate and professional players but also teachers, mentors and role models. While much of the time spent between coach and player is spent on the court, the relationship does not end there. Some of our players lack guidance and advocates in their lives and we are committed to do anything possible to help build the individual. Whether it be through tutoring, being references for jobs, driving players to interviews or school events or simply being a listening ear, the concepts of family and always being there for one another resonates throughout the club.

This relationship does not end at the coach-player level however as we encourage our older players to nurture and mentor our younger, less-experienced players wherever possible.

Community Involvement

As a non-profit organization, BDA is committed to giving back to the community at large. We are continuously trying to reach out to as many people as possible who may be in need/help. It is important that our players understand the value of giving back and helping those around you. Our players come from all parts of the city and surrounding areas and from various backgrounds and it is this diverse cross-section that breeds a sense of togetherness, family and unity. Having our coaches and players volunteer in all areas helps show our players that all people are the same, regardless of where they are from.