Share Your BDA Basketball Program Experience

This team has a very positive developmental program for these young women that will help them achieve their dreams on and off the court.-Thomas Baker

This has been the best program for my daughter. The program focused on the whole athlete. Skill work, teamwork, hard work, integrity, leadership and grades. The coaches are very dedicated to all the athletes. They go above and behind their job. The program is very organized. I would recommend anyone with a student athlete to put them in this program.-Michelle Odigie

BDA is a wonderful program! The coaches believe and pushes each player to be better and better not only on the court but the court as well. The coaches invest and truly care about each one of the kids and their families. They teach them leadership, respect and they zone in on their players strengths. I have seen my daughter grow more and more in this program. I do wish that we would have found BDA sooner than we did!-Nichole Moore

The BEST program around!!! BDA is a well organized program with VERY knowledgeable staff. The coaches care about the kids and coach to the athletes’ individual strengths. The only negative thing I have to say is that we found out about them later on in my daughter’s career. Do yourself a favor and sign up!!!-Jakeline McNabb

The BDA family is the best program for our daughter. The dedicated staff and determination for success, has been proven time and time again. If you’re looking for a great program to excel your student athlete, BDA is the place to be.-Jeff Ryall

BDA is a great program. Coaches are amazing and have taught my daughter so much off and on the court.-Andrea Garza

Amazing coaching staff and very organized program i recommend BDA to anyone look for great basketball program and Coaches and staff that really care and go through anything to help you !!!-Jonah Johnson

BDA has been a positive influence for my daughter on and off the court. In 2016 Coach Carey took my daughter under his wing and helped her grow as an elite collegiate player.-Arlene Ford

This organization has some of the best coaches that are dedicated to making each player meet their best efforts. Very friendly, competitive, and determined! 🏀

Alexis Oses

BDA basketball is such a wonderful program. What separates this program from the others is that it’s so much more than basketball, and the coaches preach that. They teach about basketball and life, and it has helped me get to where I am today. Playing with BDA allowed me to grow as a person and a player, and I now play at the division 1 level. The coaches are very supportive, and come to as many events and games as possible to support their kids. I can truly say BDA is a family, and will always be a major part of my life.-Karyn Ford

These coaches know what they’re doing to get you to be a better player. I’ve picked up 7 offers in 1 tournament playing with these coaches. They help make the game fun!-Niyah Johnson

BDA program is a great program. The coaches will push you, test you, and guide you to be the best person on and off the court. They know a lot about the game, and know how to help you develop your game. BDA is like a family, and I definitely recommend coming to this program!-Ashlyn Mason